Rights & Code of Conduct

Rights & Code of Conduct


All participants in rowing, including children, competitors, coxswains, coaches, umpires, marshals and spectators have the right:

To enjoy safe participation in rowing 
To be treated as individuals at all times
  • To express their views in ways that are respectful to others
  • To be listened to and believed
  • To determine their own goals and participation in rowing
  • To seek and receive support to help them develop
  • To balance rowing and other aspects of their life
To be treated with respect
  • To enjoy an environment free of discrimination
  • To participate free from the threat of abuse, including verbal abuse, bullying, outbursts of rage, neglect, and sexual harassment
  • Not to be subject to humiliation, shame or insult
Not to be exploited
  • Not to be pressured to train or compete
  • To adequate rest and recovery
  • Not to train or compete when ill or injured


At all times, when practicing, training or competing, rowers and participants should: Follow the policies and procedures of
  • Cortlandt Community Rowing Association
  • USRowing
  • The competition or event
Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others
  • Act in a sportsmanlike way
  • Avoid swearing and shouting
  • Do not threaten others nor engage in acts of verbal or physical abuse
  • Keep to agreed timings, or inform the relevant person if they are going to be late
Treat the equipment with care and respect
  • Learn and follow proper and safe boat handling on land and water
  • Do not use damaged equipment, report it for repair to coach or board member
  • Participate in boat maintenance and repair
  • Keep the boat racks and dock area free of litter and debris
Represent the CCRA at events
  • Follow the directions of marshals, umpires and officials
  • Accept the decisions of officials
  • Support teammates during entire event