This year begins a new USRowing’s Junior Lightweight Compliance Program for student-athletes wishing to race in lightweight events. This evidence-based protocol is designed to ensure that participating athletes are “true” lightweights and do not lose weight in order to meet weight standards, focusing on the health and safety of our youth rowers. Participating athletes MUST certified by a healthcare professional (e.g., primary care provider, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant). 

The maximum weight for boys is 150 lbs. and for girls is 130 lbs.

For any student-athlete planning to compete as a lightweight rower during the upcoming spring/summer season, there are several actions listed below that must be completed in order for your child to compete. We encourage you to take immediate action. Our coaches can help you with any questions in this process.

STEP 1: Confirm that your child is a current Individual Member of USRowing and meets the membership requirement for the regattas in which they intend to compete.

STEP 2: ALL student-athletes planning to compete as lightweights this season MUST register with USRowing. The club will be adding the rower to the lightweight list.

  • NOTE: Registration will be completed by a team administrator or your child’s coach.

STEP 3: Schedule an appointment for your child with a healthcare professional.

  • NOTE: You may want to inform your healthcare professional in advance of the purpose of the visit and reference the “three years of CDC growth chart weight percentile data” requirement.

STEP 4: Download the USRowing Junior Lightweight Clearance Form.

STEP 5: Have the healthcare professional complete page 1 of the USRowing Junior Lightweight Clearance Form.

STEP 6: Parent/Legal Guardian and athlete will complete page 2

STEP 7: Mail the signed original USRowing Junior Lightweight Clearance Form postmarked no later than March 15, 2020 to:

c/o Lightweight Registration
2 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

  • NOTE: We recommend you retain a copy of the completed form for your records.

STEP 8. Please email a copy to [email protected]