Little Vikings winter tank practice, 1/27, Sunday, 1-2pm, West Point

Date: January 27, 2019

Practice will be held in the West Point boathouse today! We will row in the ‘tanks’, which is a simulated version of a real boat, using real oars.

Everyone in the car will be checked for ID when you enter the West Point campus, so please remember to bring it with you, and be prepared to show it at the entrance. They may also inspect your trunk, etc, so please allow a few extra minutes for that. Also bring your usual rowing gear – water bottle, etc.

Directions: The best location for Google Maps is Ernst Road in West Point, NY.

From the south entrance to West Point: after completing the ID check at the entrance, make the first right onto Williams St, to go down the hill toward the river. At the bottom of the hill, turn right and cross over the train tracks, then make a quick left to continue north along the river – you’re now on Ernst Road. Go to the end of the road… you’ll see two buildings on your left. The second one is the Caufield Rowing Center. Park in the small lot in front of the rowing center, or along Ernst Road if the lot is full.

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