Row 2 Music Indoor Rows

*** NOTE: The Row 2 Music Indoor program is temporarily suspended (as of March, 2020) due to COVID-19 concerns. ***

“Rowing is one of the most time efficient and total body workouts out there.” ~Dr. Cameron Nichol, doctor and former Olympic rower

Easy to Learn:
The basics of indoor rowing can be learned in 10 minutes or less. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. This is an adults-only (age 18 and up) super fun way to learn how to use an ‘erg’ (rowing machine)!

Group Motivation:
We’ll row together, keeping each other motivated and having fun rowing to music, like spinning.

Save Your Joints:
Rowing is a low impact alternative to other cardio activities. Each class is a total body workout that uses 86% of your muscles.

Certified Instructors:
Our instructors are trained and certified by Concept 2 to ensure proper technique, effective, safe and fun workouts are part of every class.

First Class Free!
Then register for a
10 class card = $80 (as of Jan 1, 2020)
20 class card = $150 (as of Jan 1, 2020)
Check or cash accepted at class.

Check out the sign up sheets for available class dates and time.

Use the Sign Up sheets to guarantee an erg (rowing machine) seat. Please kindly cancel your reservation if you can’t make the class so another rower can row.