Independent Erging


*** NOTE: The Independent Erging program is temporarily suspended (as of March, 2020) due to COVID-19 concerns. ***

  • Please REVIEW in full CCRA’s Masters Independent Indoor Progam Policy
  • REQUIREMENTS for obtaining a password to use the Independent Practices Booking System:
    1. US Rowing membership must be current
    2. US Rowing waiver must be current
    3. CCRA member in good standing for the current season (online membership and payment submitted)
    • When the above requirements have been met, send an email to Dina Tompkins at [email protected]. You will receive instructions on how to get into the building, and how to get into the signup tool. This info is not to be shared with anyone else, including other members.¬†
    • Use the signup tool to schedule the time(s) that you want to work out. Note that a buddy system is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for your own health and safety. However, since you have read and acknowledged the risks of the sport via your signature on the US Rowing and CCRA waivers, you may choose to erg/work out on your own.
    • The available time slots are programmed into the signup tool. They are generally:

Weekdays: 5am-9pm, except during youth practices or Row 2 Music (see the SignUp Sheets page for those time slots)

Weekends: 12 noon-9pm

Click here to enter the Indoor Independent Erging Booking System