COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

last updated June 15, 2020

**Please note these are special policies and procedures for keeping CCRA rowers and coaches as safe as possible during COVID. These procedures are subject to adjustments as information and circumstances change. Notifications will be posted on SportsYou.** 

Cortlandt Rowing will be following local and US Rowing guidelines regarding COVID-19 health and safety protocols. These protocols will ensure the health and safety of all rowers and staff. 

Athletes and Coaches

  • Rowers and coaches are required to wear their own freshly cleaned face mask, fully covering nose and mouth, while on-site. No exceptions! Before leaving car, facemasks must be on. 
  • Masks may be removed after leaving the dock, but must be placed over the nose and mouth before docking. 
  • Health screenings will occur at the start of every practice. Failure of any check will result in the rower being asked to immediately leave the premises:
    • Coaches will do a double temperature check on themselves and all rowers upon arrival, using a no-touch thermometer. Rowers will be sent home if their temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher.
    • Rowers will be asked to answer these screening questions:
      1. Have you had any typical COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc)?
      2. Have you had close contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days?
      3. Have you had a positive COVID-19 test in the past 14 days?
  • CCRA-provided hand sanitizer must be applied to rower’s hands on arrival to practice, and again just prior to departure.
  • Small personal items (keys, cell phone) should be placed in a CCRA-provided box, which will be stored in the locked shed during practice. Coaches will disinfect the boxes after every practice. All other personal items must be left in your car, or carried on the boat with you (e.g. water bottle, sunscreen, inhaler). Rowers may choose to leave their shoes on the dock, or bring them on the boat, but they will not be stored in the locked shed. 
  • Rowers must wear workout gloves, no fingers exposed, and must clean their gloves before coming to the next practice. 
  • 6-foot social distancing from others must be followed at all times, including on the dock
  • Rowers must arrive on time, and leave as scheduled. No accommodations will be made for individual schedules. 
  • Please notify coach/leader ASAP if a last minute cancellation is needed.
  • Come ready to row, leave immediately after your row. No loitering on park grounds before or after practice. 
  • In case of inclement weather, practices will be held remotely via Zoom.
  • Up to two drivers/spectators per rower may remain on premises during practices, but standard rules of social distancing apply. When in doubt, please wear a mask to be respectful of others.
  • Youth: Youth will be assigned a practice day (Mon-Friday), and will remain in the same weekly time slot (once/week) with the same group of rowers for the current season.
  • Masters: Masters must sign up for organized practice slots at least 24 hours in advance, using the existing signup sheets web page. Seats will be assigned on a rotating basis if necessary. Please be respectful of your fellow rowers, and promptly remove your signup ASAP if you cannot make practice that day. 
  • Masters approved for independent rowing must abide by the rules on the Independent On-Water web page, including the use of the independent on-water signup system, strict adherence to cleaning/disinfecting protocols, and timely exit from the premises as per the time slot.  
  • Any member who violates these agreements will lose rowing privileges immediately, for the duration of the current season (or beyond)
  • All rowers/parents must click yes on the registration form that they have read, understand, and agree to these protocols and procedures.

Cleaning / Equipment

  • Coaches and rowers will be cleaning and disinfecting equipment and boats after each use. Rowers will receive proper safety equipment (disposable gloves) and instruction on proper procedures and use of cleaning/disinfecting agents.   
  • Rowing will take place at the lake only, in singles and family (same household) doubles/quad. 

COVID / Sickness

  • You are required to self report your exposure to anyone diagnosed with COVID19.  If known to be in direct contact, you must self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to practice. 
  • All rowers must self-monitor for symptoms of COVID19 daily.  If your temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher, you can not attend practice. 
  • If you have had a documented case of COVID19, you must provide a doctor’s note before you are cleared to resume training
  • If you feel sick, you are to let your coach know and then not come to practice  
  • Practices may need to be temporarily suspended:
    • for deep cleaning/disinfecting of all equipment, in the event that a rower or coach is suspected to be COVID-19 positive while on-site. 
    • If local or US Rowing guidelines suspend rowing activities due to increased health exposure of COVID-19

CCRA Youth Rowers’ Step-by-Step Practice Procedures

During this time of COVID, every youth rower must follow these practice procedures and sign a special COVID-19 Waiver included in the online registration. We recommend printing out and keeping a copy of the procedures in the car so that both rowers and parents/guardians can follow these procedures. Any CCRA member who violates these agreements will lose rowing privileges immediately, for the duration of the current season (or beyond).

CCRA Masters Rowers’ Step-by-Step Practice Procedures (TBD)

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