• Summer 2018 Masters

    CORTLANDT ROWING SUMMER MASTERS PROGRAM Whether you have never picked up an oar, or rowed in high school or college, we welcome all masters (adults) into the Summer Masters Program. For those who are new to rowing, you will learn to row the basic stroke, using Concept 2 Rowing Machines and on the water rowing. Opportunities […]

  • Summer 2018 Youth

    7th–12th Grade A coached rowing program for youth to learn all aspects of the sport and prepare for competitive races. There’s a place on the team for everyone. 14 week program, runs from July 2 – Sept 2 Coached practices at CCRA Indoors and on Lake Meahagh and the Hudson River at Cortlandt Waterfront. See […]

  • Row to Music Classes

    “…Rowing machines are the new stars of boutique fitness.” —The Wall Street Journal, October 2015 Easy to Learn: The basics of indoor rowing can be learned in 10 minutes or less. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. Group Motivation: We’ll row together, keeping each other motivated and having fun rowing to music, like spinning. […]